Summer Haul

What a strong Summer Sale on Steam this year.

I walked away with 14 titles from the week-long deal fest.


The Banner Saga: A brutal tactical RPG starring Nordic warriors. The game features a hand-drawn art style reminiscent of Disney’s Cinderella days.

Dead Island Riptide: I played a bit of this zombie survival game when the original game was released. I’m looking forward to get back into it at the right price.

Delver: An early access title that promises to be a a first person roguelike with a Minecraftian pixel look.

Hitman: Absolution:  I have not played any of the Hitman games but I saw that you get to wear an animal costume in this one. Sold.

Kentucky Route Zero: This indie adventure game takes players through a road trip along a secret highway beneath Kentucky.

Long Live The Queen: Don’t let its title fool you, players guide a princess’s education to queen but she’ll have to survive first in this visual novel game.

Metro: Last Light: The second game of a series based on a novel. I’ve been interested in this first person shooter where the main character is one of the Russian survivors living in the subway system below a dystopian world.

Noir Syndrome: I bought this indie game on the promise alone that it’s a detective murder-mystery with a new story every time you play.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut: Think Oregon Trail but with zombies.

Spec Ops: The Line: I’ve heard nothing but good things about this shooter that aims to show the true horrors of war rather than romanticize it.

The Stanley Parable: One of those weird games where the narrator is the star.

Transistor: I went ahead and rushed through Bastion so I could play Supergiant Games’s next title. This sci-fi game has an amazing art style and soundtrack with some challenging combat.

The Wolf Among Us: Finally a video game in the Fables world.

Wolfenstein: The New Order: This recently released shooter surprised a lot of people with its story and I can’t wait to dive in. I’ll have to wait as it’ll take me a day to download the title.

Are any of these games your favorite? What did you buy from the sale? Let me know in the comments below.


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