Replay Effect: Stepping in Shepard’s shoes again

I’ve returned to the world of Mass Effect 3 and have found some pleasant surprises.

I haven’t touched the game since its 2012 release, but all the online fan art and gifs inspired and comeback. Luckily, the game is still has a few delights two years later.

1. Biotic combos are OP

There’s a deep satisfaction by unleashing a biotic combo on an group of enemies. After stopping enemies with stasis and then making them fly with warp, it pays to have another biotic on the team.

2. Garrus’s camo armor is his best look

Maybe its because camo is in style now, but his brown and white mesh is the best pattern for Shepard’s favorite Turian.

3. Romancing Jack is the way to go

When I did the Jack side-mission she the gif above happened. That’s when I remembered I had romanced her in Mass Effect 2. Obviously, the me of yesteryear had good taste.

I’m only a few hours in, but can’t wait to complete the game again and play through the DLC.

Do you have a favorite Mass Effect moment?


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