Too many heroines?

I started visiting the comic shop again and started fresh with new titles.

The books, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, have two similarities that comes to mind immediately.

1. All Marvel

Black Widow #1

Those three titles all come from the House of M.

A year ago I was buying more DC titles, but Marvel has a better marketing strategy when it comes to jumping on. Their Marvel NOW is a great initiative that provides issues in longer running series to introduce readers to a storyline. The company also regularly releases #1 issues.

I do want to get back into Animal Man, but it’s hard to tell when a new story arc begins when all I see is a series in the double digits.

2. All Female Protagonists

She-Hulk #1 was the latest series I bought and that’s when it hit me: these recent purchases have starred female heroes.

All these stories are telling interesting tales that aren’t dependent on the hero’s sexuality. Remember the stuff we got from New 52 Catwoman?

I’m enjoying the stories for different reasons, not one centered on gender.

Black Widow is an action-oriented spy story, Ms. Marvel features an origin story with today’s teen hero (move over Peter Parker) and She-Hulk is about new beginnings and the legal system.

What comics are you reading? Share on the comments below.


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