Stretching out with Daily Yoga

The Daily Yoga app is a great starting point for those willing to give yoga a try.

There are a ton of Yoga apps available, but IMBOLIFE Co. Ltd.‘s product stands out to provide a great yoga companion for beginners. The app, which is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, has a simple user interface, growing exercise library and solid instruction.


The exercise interface is simple and contains plenty of information like upcoming poses and exercise duration.

Daily Yoga give users plenty of options to get started. Most people will start with the app’s sessions. Sessions are routines that can last from 10 to 20 minutes depending on how hard you want to work out. Each of these routines combine several exercises to achieve a goal such as yoga breathing for beginners, or yoga for weight loss.

There’s also a complete pose library that showcases each move with text and video instruction if you’d like to better your form.

A recent update included exercise programs like a 12-Day Beginner Tour, which aims to provide a comfortable starting point for newbies.

Chances are you’ll be spending most of your time with the 17 sessions, 11 of which are free. These provide great instruction for those who haven’t attended a yoga class. Users are guided by a video playlist of each pose, while a calm, English-second-language voice helps instruct your form and breathing. The instructors perform on a white background, which makes it easy to follow their movements if you’re running the app on smaller hardware like a smartphone. The app also plays 6 music tracks to help you get into the perfect level of zen.

Sessions include a sidebar that features upcoming poses, but if you’re using the exercise companion on a phone you have the option of going full screen to help follow along with the instructor.


After choosing a session, the app shows the routine’s goal, instructor, class level and includes some social media functions. Users can also choose the intensity level of the exercise.

The sessions library has three instructors, but for most of free routines you’ll be guided by Dolphin, a Chinese man who doesn’t look like a morning person. That said, it’s really easy to follow along with Dolphin.

The problem with video instruction is limited feedback. Especially if you’re starting you may not be able to bend your body like the instructors so it can be difficult to tell if you’re doing it right at all. But for what you’re getting on a mobile platform like a smartphone that can hardly be a concern.

Daily Yoga includes a social features and you can share your exercises with Facebook friends. At the end of a session you’re given a score that, if logged in to an account can add up, but the points don’t unlock anything.

For those looking to stretch out of their comfort zone and try yoga, the Daily Yoga app is a great, free, place to start.

What exercise apps do you use? Share in the comments!


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