11 exercises to do at your desk

For the past couple of weeks my girlfriend has been freaking out about getting up from her desk every 20 minutes.

The basic idea is spending a lot of time sitting can increase your chances of getting certain diseases like cancer, heart disease. Here’s an interesting article on Lifehacker that sums it up.

While this doesn’t cover those fears completely, here’s an infographic that covers 11 exercises you can do at your desk.


2 thoughts on “11 exercises to do at your desk

  1. anorman says:

    Reblogged this on Truth About Exercise and commented:
    I’ve posted previously about the NEAT ways to put more activity in your day but in the end many of us have to sit at a desk for work so….here are some great ways to get some extra NEAT time in while sitting and working.

  2. Sara Germano says:

    Exercise is of course very essential when it comes to total health. I always make sure that i always get a good exercise each day because i want to avoid disorders which can compromise my longevity. .:”**

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