Conquering the Internet

It’s Summer and what better way to have a productive break than by learning how to conquer the Internet.

When I say that I mean learning how to create and beautify websites with HTML and CSS.

Don't Fear the Internet wall

A lot of professionals I’ve talked to about finding a job say it’s a must to have a website and know a little bit about online coding. While my website isn’t the perfect example of an online portfolio (A few of my friends do it better,) I’ve been refining my coding skills as a New Year’s resolution.

So if you’re interested in becoming more comfortable with web design I have a website and web service that may help.


I, along with 448,593 others, started with Codecademy‘s “Code Year” program. It’s an online course that promises to teach Javascript, HTML and CSS within a year.

The weekly lessons usually take about an hour to complete.

What I really like the service’s user interface, which keeps tasks alongside an area where users can test code.

Codecademy Screen shotIf you’re interested in learning code, but don’t know where to start or want to get some hands-on experience without working on a live website, Codecademy is a great start.

Don’t Fear the Internet

Don’t Fear the Internet is a series of informative, funny and short web-tutorial videos.

What I like about the series is that it’s aimed at people like me, maybe you, who aren’t looking for a career in web design, but want to have the bread-and-butter fundamentals down.

What makes this series work is that it’s actually pretty funny. The teachers on Codecademy provide puns, but it stops there. More than funny though, these tutorials make wrapping your head around coding easy.

For the intro to HTML, the site introduces viewers to coding by describing creating a website through HTML as the Hamburger Text Markup Language.

Hamburger Text Markup Language

These videos aren’t more than 8 minutes and I’m itching for the next one.

How are you learning HTML and CSS?


Currently on my tumblr: Stop-motion video of the May 20, 2012 eclipse.


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