College journalists have jokes

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in a collegiate newsroom you’ve noticed that its staff is a collection of weirdos. More importantly, weirdos that have an odd sense of humor. We laugh at a lot of the trials and tribulations we all go through because they’re unique to our field.

A friend of mine shared this tumblr, #LikeACollegeJourno, which is a collection of these newsroom moments furthered with .gifs of pop culture icons. I can relate to a lot of these and I know my colleagues can too.

With the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, this is definitely my favorite.

#LikeACollegeJourno Avengers

The last time my paper breaking news I yelled, “Avengers assemble!”

Sure we haven’t had any riots at The University of Texas at Arlington, but the University Center had a fire alarm go off two weeks ago.

Which one’s your favorite?


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