Wednesday Comic Loot

There’s a reason Wednesday is called “Hump Day,” but it’s my favorite day of the week. Yes it’s the last publication day at The Shorthorn, but it’s also new comic book day.

Here’s a look at what I picked up this week.

Fear Itself: Book Two

This is one of Marvel’s biggest events for the spring/summer season and so far it’s not doing much for me. I’ll keep up with it because I think the premise is pretty cool but the main run isn’t anything special. Thankfully there’s at least five spinoffs so far and more to come. The gods return to Asgard and take Thor against his will. This second issue reveals more info about the main baddy but it’s at a dripping pace. This second book, of seven, took me five minutes to read. The art is cool but the story just can’t stand alone.

Annihilators #3

I started this run from issue #2 from an recommendation from Ryan Higgins, Geekbox star and Comics Conspiracy owner. I’m not into the space saving stuff. It’s suppose to be a galaxy-destroying threat but from issues #1 and #2 the scope of terror doesn’t feel that massive. The saving throw for this run is the Rocket Raccoon secondary storyline. I need all those variant covers for a complete collection. The smart-mouthed, super-intelligent Raccoon shows I’m a 90s baby — I love animals with attitude.

Uncanny X-Force #9

Speaking of 90s, Uncanny X-Force just screams eXtreme. X-Force is a specialized mutant team that does the dirty work the X-Men can’t do — kill. If that doesn’t sound badass enough for you the team features Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex, Psylocke and Angel. Sure Angel is a nice guy but a major plot point is his battles with inner-demon Archangel. Issue #9 is a brief side story of Wolverine’s special assignment for Magneto. It’s a quick read but artist Billy Tan uses long, bold panels for this emotional issue. It’s a drastic difference from the series’ high action tone. Tan’s amazing facial work and color artist Dean White’s use of white stitching for shading are brilliant.

Blue Estate #2

I started this series because it’s a far cry from the usual super hero stories I fantasize about. This crime series also speaks to the Dashiell Hammet fan in me. It’s dark and Viktor Kalvachev’s gritty art style is starting to grow on me. The crime drama features the stories with a West Coast setting, which is getting me pretty excited from Rockstar’s L.A. Noire that comes out May 17. What impresses me most about Blue Estate is it’s use of it’s blog for expanded content. It’s like having a comic book come with special features.

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #1

If there’s one thing I love it’s the stories about super heroes growing up. Stories that feature institutions for teaching these students not only hit my guilty pleasure but get bonus points too. It’s the reason the Young Avengers are my favorite superteam. It’s the reason I bought Umbrella Academy. I really expected a comic about their young adventures in those cute little outfits. Gladstone’s is the story of a school for super villains in training. The art isn’t very detailed but it’s bright and different and I expect the story to keep the same tones.

Expect a review later this week.

What did y’all pick up this week?


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