Back to the Future

When I started this blog three years ago, I meant for it to house a collection of my musings on video games and video game news.

Within those three years my taste have expanded with more reading of books and comics, a further interest in technology, spending hours learning the rules to board games and more time spent shopping for new fashions. Aside from the fashion part, I’ve become a geek glutton (including the Mountain Dew and Pizza Rolls.)

With all these interest, I thought I’d go back to this blog for the future of my writing.

Even Doc and Marty can't believe what I'm doing

The plan is to continue my musings at least once a week and share the joys of the latest games, comics, films and geek news.

As an introductory post, I’d like to share my current indulgences.

A year ago I would have spent $100+ a month on video games but that budget has changed. Now I’m spending even more on comics. I’m reading the bigs, with favorites in the Young Avengers, the current runs in Batgirl, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Age of X and Future Foundation.

In confession of my gluttony I’m following Uncanny X-Force just because I like the covers.

I’ve also gotten into indie comics like Nonplayer, but my favorite is Orc Stain for it’s unique art and fresh story.

I originally planned for this post to delve more but chances are you’re reading more about Orc Stain or staring at the Nonplayer art so I’ll leave it at that.

Next time: My thoughts on Hanna or Game of Thrones? Readers decide!


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